Christine Pfaff is intent on her perception of interior design as something that goes beyond the presentation of infrastructures and superstructures. Hers is truly a holistic design process, which brings individual personality and architecture together in harmony.

A significant factor here are years of experience in both international and domestic spheres, passion for perfection, and trustworthy cooperation with a team that includes masters in all trades and producers from around the world.

This winning combination establishes internationality, which in turn provides the necessary scope for accomplished design and exclusive customer visions. The groundwork is laid for an ambience that is not only always ahead of its time, but succeeds in sustainably merging quality and character.



The quintessence of design by Christine Pfaff is portrayed by clear structures and forms in architectural vernacular. For each new assignment, she immerses herself to capture all of the distinctive features and attributes of the environment at hand. She thereby draws her inspiration from her design competence in alignment with structural potential. Christine Pfaff compares this process with that of an actress who slips into the character of the new space for her next role.

The highest possible quality requirements apply for the implementation of this object-oriented approach, in which selected products and materials from around the world are utilized. The individual pieces are produced by specialists and manufactured exclusively in Germany.