From the onset of her career as designer of exclusive interiors and unique pieces, Christine Pfaff has operated on a global scale. Her clientele includes royal houses, prominent figures in business, culture and sports, along with companies in the hotel and restaurant industries.

Extensive travels and assignments to all corners of the earth were able to not only provide the designer with an intimate insight into the culture and lifestyle of the host countries, but allowed her to create sustainable interiors and objects that are essentially without borders.

In addition to many successful individual projects, these include her own collections and showrooms in Europe, the USA, Asia, and on the Arabian Peninsula.

This unique interplay of years of founded expertise and valuable partners around the world lend the works by Christine Pfaff their distinctive charm.

Christine Pfaff

The quintessence of design by Christine Pfaff is portrayed by clear structures and forms in architectural vernacular. For each new assignment, she immerses herself to capture all of the distinctive features and attributes of the environment at hand. She thereby draws her inspiration from her design competence in alignment with structural potential. Christine Pfaff compares this process with that of an actress who slips into the character of the new space for her next role.

The highest possible quality requirements apply for the implementation of this object-oriented approach, in which selected products and materials from around the world are utilized. The individual pieces are produced by specialists and manufactured exclusively in Germany.